SERENO: New range of XL-planters and seating objects

The SERENO XL planter is proof that products manufactured in high quality plastic can also reveal the natural touch of a craftsman’s workshop.

This is exactly why the harmonious honeycomb structure of the container does not have a precise geometrical design. The highlight of these illuminated objects: by day the material appears opaque and as solid as granite, but in darkness the internal LED shimmers through, bathing its surroundings in a pleasant, soft light, whether indoors, in the garden or on the patio.

The XL containers are available in two designs - a bulbous and a sleek version. Both designs are available in many different sizes as well as three colours: white, light granite and brown granite. Following the interiors trend for precious metal surfaces, SERANO planters are also available with a weather-proof gold, silver or copper finish. These product versions are not illuminated.

The new SERENO range is completed by an illuminated seat in various colours and sizes. High quality basic materials and careful manufacture make these products suitable for use in all weathers and at any time of the year.