Our quality

Design meets quality and functionality

A premium product is not just about beautiful design. A genuine premium product requires high-quality materials, expert manufacturing and the designer's innovation. Some of our products' most significant quality marks are under the surface, which you will only notice over the course of years of enjoyment.


DEGARDO®'s plant and decorative objects are long-lasting and sturdy. Their (high-gloss) finish is very durable, even withstanding marks from stones or scratches. The planters' double-walled structure has a dual purpose: the hollow space in the interior ensures that the planter is not unnecessarily heavy, while it also provides reliable frost protection. This means that the planter can be left outside over the winter without any issues. The hollow space also protects your plants from cold temperatures. In order to avoid rain collecting on your product, a sophisticaded drain ensures that water runs away. The only thing you have to do to ensure long-lasting enjoyment is protect your DEGARDO® product from thieves. Read on to find out about DEGARDO® products' features.

We live and breathe quality