This is how our products grow

We cast all of our Degardo planters, illuminated objects and seats in Bad Oeynhausen, East-Westphalia from the same mould, as they say. Pure polyethylene is poured into sophisticated steel and aluminium moulds in large rotational moulding machines to create exceptional furnishings for both indoors and outdoors. Extraordinarily, all of Degardo's product development processes take place on site in Bad Oeynhausen, from design and production, to mould-making and creating the polyethylene body, to complex electronic and lighting installation. This highlights our commitment to maximum in-house manufacture, following the motto "Made in Germany".

If individual products, such as those in the SERENO range, cannot be manufactured at our main site due to specific product sizes or manufacturing processes, as a manufacturer with many years of plastics rotational moulding experience and extensive quality assurance systems, we ensure that our suppliers also adhere to Degardo's high quality standards

How we manufacture our products